Ayr Rugby Football Club


Ayr Rugby Academy is built on six strands

Technical - the key national themes from Scottish Rugby, as well as specialist skills work in small groups.

Tactical - dovetailed into the technical aspect, where players work on general tactical play from attack and defensive perspectives and are coached to find solutions to challenges. Video analysis is also used for individuals to gain better understanding.

Physical - strength and conditioning sessions are held twice a week in small groups and players are tested every six weeks to ensure they are progressing at the appropriate rate. There are pre-habilitation and mobility sessions which allow players to develop without the fear of injury.

Mental - goal-setting for the whole of the season, mid-season and the end of the season. It can help with motivation and allows for greater shared responsibility.  Aspects of sports psychology are used, such as reflection, thought-stopping and centring.

Nutritional - diet is an area of improvement for many.  Through four-day food diaries, players' diets are assessed and can then be improved through feedback from the coaching team.  Meal plans are also distributed to players and cooking workshops have been held to help players to make and enjoy healthy, nutritious food.


The programme for the Academy is flexible and dependent on time and commitments to school and work.  Each player is given a development plan which establishes the aspects that he/she should work on throughout the season.  This information is shared with the player and their youth coach so there is an open line of communication.  The plan details how developments can be made and when sessions are carried out and with who, as they may require another specialist coach or can be done alone.